I Spy a cat in a mess of underwear (what a pervert).

A. Don’t worry they’re clean.
B. I’m organizing them, don’t judge.

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Syntax (2014)

I saw the last picture and was startled

actually though greenhouses and rainforests look very similar

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Minjung Kim - Mountain (2008)


Minjung Kim - Mountain (2008)

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alright a little sappy

but I love you guys a lot
cos I know I can be late and flakey and maybe your stuff got stolen a couple times when I was borrowing it and in general terribly awkward when meeting other human beans and lord knows i wasn’t/still ain’t/never gonna be a cool kid

mostly i’m glad i can be weird and a little embarrassing and neurotic and i know y’all still there. once i heard someone say “..and i’ll STILL support you!” with so much sincerity, and so freely; it was a little bit wonderful, even if it wasn’t for me: like that.

tbh we probly wouldn’t if we met each other for the first time today and things have changed these past few years
But I am Very Very Grateful




» Larger view of commission types «
» My art archive «
» Pricing info on a Google spreadsheet «
» Terms of Service «
» My Ask Box «

Current wait time is up to ~2 weeks per image, depending on style and complexity, but usually around a week.

Signal boosting is much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: My mom’s basically lost her job and won’t be receiving her earned sales commissions. I would really like to cover as many bills as I can before the month ends, so I am offering discounts.

Be mindful that these commissions are discounted because:

You will ideally be paying by this weekend but they will not be started on for another week or so 

If many people order a commission, it may take up to a month+ from the day payment is received instead of my usual 1-2 weeks for it to be completed (I will be trying my hardest to get everything done in a timely manner however)

The discounts are the following. Price increases based on complex characters/scenarios/etc will still be applied.

A) $5 off all sketch commissions

B) $10 off all refined commissions

C) 10% off, rounded down, for allowing me to creatively crop full body images

D) 10% off, rounded up, for allowing me to experiment with the style, shading, coloring, etc — could be wildly different from my normal style but I’ll check out your blog (if applicable) to think of something you’d probably like

E) Get a free waist-up sketch with any regularly-priced waist-up or full-body commission.

Check out my archive for more examples!

I also do chibis but those are not discounted right now.

You can send me an ask but I prefer you email sjuka.pojke[at]gmail[dot]com.

Just write your usual commission request info and, at the end, tack on the letters of the discount(s) you want!

Thanks so much for reading!!

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Prairie Chicken Portrait (by Jeff Dyck)

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My new movie pitch

i’d watch it

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Room available (Asian American NBA point guard preferred)

My Chinese American mom, a former schoolteacher and a HUGE Lakers fan, thinks that my parents’ house would be a great place for Jeremy Lin, if he needs a place to crash when he moves to LA. Mom thought it would be a good idea to put this on the internet just in case it finds its way to Jeremy.

Jeremy, they have a room ready for you:

Room available in Redondo Beach house. Great location, quiet, 2 blocks from the beach, away from the hustle and bustle. A lot of other players live nearby and it’s close to the Lakers’ practice facility. Lots of Asian churches in the area. Close, but not too close, to Asian communities (kind of like living in Palo Alto but by the beach). Live rent free, just have to do your own laundry and pick up after yourself… and also provide tickets to Lakers games. We can carpool to the Staples Center.*

*Yes, these are all things that my mom actually said to me.

anyone else excited



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