hey heres a cool bug


its called the spiny flower mantis - a variety of flower mantis that lives in sub-saharan africa, and grows up around 4-5 inches in length

like most mantids they go through several stages, changing their appearance gradually with each molt - from the black bodies of the newly hatched, to the thorny raised abdomen of the nymph below


until finally arriving at adulthood, where the both the females (which are slightly larger) and males feed off of moths and other insects that cant distinguish them from the flowers and foliage they live near and get their name from


but the real thing i wanna mention is their defense mechanism - when these insects are startled, they flare up their absolutely gorgeous wingspots in an attempt to scare off whatever dumb thing tried to eat this cactus bugimage

apparently the reaction depends on the temperment of the individual insect - breeders have reported that some of them are pretty calm, but others flash the spots at every little motion that freaks em out. i probably would too if i had giant eyes painted on my back and everything was a thousand goddamn times larger than i was


just a pretty damn cool bug overall 

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Woke up this morning after a nightmare about
transmission problems

Is this middle age



cute babies. :)

its cow time

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look at this fucked up bird


what the fuck

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I’m selling some stuff

give me a shout if you know/are a trans guy that’s having trouble finding stuff in size manlet

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I wasn’t kidding about that hello kitty skateboard

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someone described my city as “bougie” the other day

anyway I tried a goat’s milk brie from trader joe’s today and it was fucking Awful. like it was actually pretty fascinating how terrible it tasted. I’ve been trying some fancy cheeses and IPA’s lately and mostly I just feel like the butt of a very unfunny joke, because none of it is enjoyable

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one of the few downsides of california is never wearing a coat

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i just bought a hlelo kitty skateboard i think it’s a good deal

sometimes I wish I had a book club because I wuld like to talk to people about thing s but mostly my taste doesn’t match up with my friend so mostly they don’t like the movies i like and the last time I went to a book club it was a d i s a s t e r

did you like beasts pf the southern wild because it made me cry

it made me think of that comic there will be giants something about her mother had cancer and I want to talk to some ody and also make them soup and cupcakes sometimes